Astro Analysing Eye Issues and Problems

Eyes are the perfect present of our life and play a serious function in our life. Our eyes works as probably the most refined digital automated digicam. The pupils of the eyes open for the adjustment of focus; accordingly the muscle tissues of eyes contract or expend to permit the entry of correct gentle inside. Colors are recognized and a correct image develops in our thoughts. All the method is automated. Now resulting from completely different causes if the functioning of eyes is disturbed there could be non permanent or everlasting injury to the eyes.

If correct care is just not taken for the eyes illnesses which seem gentle or the unsuitable remedy is given, there’s risk of shedding the eyesight.

Astrological components influencing eyesight:

2nd/12th home: the 2nd and 12th indicators of the zodiac rule over the best and left eye respectively.

Solar/Moon: Solar governs the best eye and the Moon governs the left eye.

Venus/Jupiter: Venus governs the second signal Taurus and Jupiter governs the 12th signal Pisces. Due to this fact if Jupiter and Venus are positioned in sixth/eighth/12th home together with the lord of ascendant could trigger eye issues.

Mercury: governs the sight and optic nerves.

Astro analysing completely different eye illnesses:

Optic atrophy:

  • Injury of optic nerves by companies outdoors the eyes like syphilitic an infection, elevated intracranial stress arising from the mind tumour, drug or chemical allergic reactions, degeneration of optic nerves could trigger optic atrophy.
  • Affliction of Solar and Moon on 2nd and 12th home and Mercury in heavy affliction within the chart could trigger optic atrophy to the native.


  • This can be a severe eye illness brought on by enhance or sudden stress exerted by eye fluid towards different components. If this stress is just not relieved it would make the attention ball onerous, injury retina and optic nerves and might also trigger blindness.
  • Solar and Moon in 2nd/12th home by Saturn/Rahu the native could undergo from glaucoma.


  • The eyes can deal with close to objects however imaginative and prescient at distance is blurred. It’s also referred to as nearsightedness.
  • Solar and Moon can provide drawback of Myopia.

Color blindness:

  • The affected person turns into unable to tell apart between crimson and inexperienced color.
  • The Venus is in heavy affliction particularly by Saturn and signal Taurus can be in heavy affliction could trigger color blindness to the native.


  • Attributable to clouding or crystalline of lenses of eye or its capsule the sufferer can not see regular objects correctly resulting from misplaced opacity of eye lenses.
  • Venus / Jupiter positioned in sixth/eighth/12th home in affiliation of lord of ascendant and Solar and Moon are in 2nd/12th home.
  • Mercury posited in 2nd/12th home could produce Cataract drawback.

Squinted eyes/Boss eyed:

  • On this situation the eyes will not be correctly aligned to one another.
  • Native born in day time and Moon and Mars mixed in eighth home indicated crossed eyes.
  • Moon/ Mars posited in ascendant and aspected by Jupiter/Venus signifies squinted eyes.
  • Mars positioned in seventh home aspecting Moon being posited in Leo signal and lord of ninth positioned in Aries/Leo/Scorpio/Capricorn squinted eyes is indicated.
  • Mars positioned in seventh, aspecting Solar being positioned in Most cancers signal and Lord of ninth positioned in Aries/Leo/Scorpio/Capricorn point out a boss eyed native.
  • Moon and Solar positioned in 2nd/12th home point out particular crossed eyes dysfunction.
  • Solar and Moon mixed with retro planets in sixth/12th home signifies squinted eye.

Downside in just one eye:

  • Any malefic positioned in sixth home offers weak point to left eye and any malefic positioned in eighth home offers proper eye bother.
  • Moon positioned in 2nd and Solar positioned in 12th home respectively offers issues of left and proper eyes.
  • Mars positioned in 12th home offers left eye drawback whether or not as Saturn posited in 12th home offers proper eye drawback.
  • Solar positioned in ascendant/seventh home and aspected by Saturn the native will steadily lose the imaginative and prescient of proper eye.
  • Solar mixed with Rahu/Mars in ascendant/seventh home aspected by Saturn point out illness of left eye.
  • Moon Posited in Leo ascendant and aspected by Saturn and Mars the native may have diseased left eye.
  • Solar and Saturn mixed in ninth home and with out having any benefice influences point out the native may have left crossed eye and Solar positioned in Leo ascendant and aspected by Saturn and Mars signifies squinted proper eye.
  • Solar/Moon positioned 12 and sixth home indicated left eye drawback.
  • Solar/Moon positioned in 2nd and eighth home signifies squinted proper eye.


  • Attributable to an infection, accident or degenerative eye illnesses the native could lose complete imaginative and prescient non permanent or completely.
  • Solar and Moon by Saturn in 2nd/12th home and affliction to indicators Taurus and Pisces could give blindness.
  • 2nd home is aspected by Saturn and Moon and 12th home have conjunction of Saturn and features of Mars the native will likely be utterly blind.
  • Solar and Moon and 2nd and 12th homes turn out to be topic to the features /affiliation of Mars and Saturn the native could lose his eye sight.
  • Mars, Moon, Saturn and Solar ought to respectively occupy the 2nd, sixth, 12th and eighth home. The native will likely be stone blind.
  • Lords of ascendant, 2nd, fifth, seventh and ninth positioned collectively in sixth/eighth/12th home could give stone blindness to the native.
  • In Leo ascendant Solar and Moon mixed in ascendant and aspected by Saturn and Mars signifies the native will likely be stone blind from start but when the mixture is aspected both by Saturn or by Mars than the native will turn out to be blind after start.
  • Solar and Rahu mixed in ascendant and Saturn and Mars disposed in trine could trigger blindness.
  • Solar and lord of ascendant mixed in 2nd/sixth/eighth/12th home the native will likely be blind from the start.
  • Mars in 2nd and Solar in eighth home could give blindness.
  • Moon in sixth and Saturn in 12th home might also impair eye sight.
  • Saturn, Mars and Moon positioned in sixth/eighth/12th home signifies blindness.
  • Mars is the lord of 2nd, Solar and Moon positioned in eighth home and Saturn located in sixth/eighth/12th home blindness is indicated.
  • Lords of 2nd and 12th mixed with Venus and lord of ascendant in sixth/eighth/12th home signifies misplaced eye sight.
  • Moon posited in sixth/eighth/12th home and Saturn and Mars mixed in any home exhibits misplaced eyesight.
  • From ascendant Moon positioned in sixth, Solar positioned in eighth, Mars positioned in 2nd and Saturn positioned in 12th home signifies the surety of shedding eyesight for the native.

Eye twitching/flickering:

  • Involuntary eye muscle tissues contraction causes eyelid to flicker.
  • Any malefic planet positioned in 2nd home can be influenced by any benefice planet signifies flickering of eye.
  • Moon/Solar positioned in Leo ascendant and aspected by malefic and benefice planets signifies eye flickering.

Night time blindness:

  • The native is unable to see in night time or in dim gentle.
  • Lord of 2nd mixed with Venus and Moon in ascendant could trigger night time blindness.
  • Venus and Mars mixed in seventh home and aspected by malefic could trigger night time blindness.

Basic eye issues:

  • Venus posited in ascendant/eighth home and aspected by malefic planet signifies fixed tears will roll from the eyes.
  • Lord of 2nd is related or aspected by Solar and Mars signifies redness of eyes.
  • Rahu positioned in fifth home aspected by Solar signifies eye issues.
  • Saturn posited in 4th home aspected by malefic signifies eye issues.
  • Mars and Rahu mixed in ascendant point out eye issues.
  • Debilitated Moon posited in sixth/12 home and aspected by malefic
  • Moon is locations 2nd to Solar in horoscope and mixed with malefic.
  • Moon positioned in 10th aspected by malefic with out having any benefice features could trigger eye issues.
  • Malefic planets positioned in 4th and fifth home and Moon posited in sixth/eighth/12th home point out eye bother.
  • Solar is in opposition both to ascendant or to Mars offers impaired eyesight.
  • Solar and Moon mixed in Most cancers/Leo and aspected by Mars and Saturn point out weak eyes.
  • Mon and Solar mixed in ninth home signifies eye dysfunction.
  • Mars positioned 2nd to Solar point out eye issues and if Mercury positioned 2nd to Solar signifies some mark on the Eye.




Source by Geeta Jha

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