Creating Sacredness in Our Properties

In our trendy age, now we have extra motive than ever earlier than to search out the sacred amid the mundane. Can historical ceremonies assist us to revive concord between man and the setting?

The beating of a shaman's drum, the labyrinth at Chartres, stone monuments in Eire, Feng Shui, what do all of them have in widespread? All are makes an attempt by completely different cultures to harmonize their area with their setting. Temples via time from Stonehenge to the Nice Pyramid attest humanity's need to create sacred area, a doorway bringing Heaven right here on Earth. A type of Yoga of the Land integrating mind-body and spirit.

In historical occasions this information of methods to harmonize our residing area with nature and the cosmos was handed down from the traditional Celts, Chinese language, Egyptians, later the Pythagorean faculties in Greece, and into West via Europe. Nonetheless the place can these traditions be discovered alive at this time in our trendy tradition? Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese language artwork of harmonizing our properties with our environment, is inaccessible to most individuals and has change into incrementally left within the arms of specialists.

The earth is considered by many indigenous cultures as a holographic reflection the human physique. Historic Chinese language and Vedic drugs believed that people have a meridian system that carries the currents of life vitality via our our bodies, when they’re open, flowing and wholesome, so are our physique's techniques. Equally, the earth additionally has these meridians as effectively. They’ve been recognized by cultures all around the world for hundreds of 12 months. Extra not too long ago coined "ley traces" by Alfred Watkins in 1921 in England, this idea has now discovered its means into the widespread vernacular of our society. By attaching to those sacred traces of vitality inside the physique of the earth, via prayer and ceremony we assist to revive a misplaced and historical relationship of humanity with the Earth by making a residing bridge between Heaven and Earth.

And whereas this may occasionally sound too easy for many to imagine, case histories shock even those that have witnessed the outcomes, testifying to the timeless energy of such practices and intentions. Cities all through the world, Frankfurt, Bilbao, Auckland, Los Angeles, simply to call a couple of, have skilled such outcomes as decrease crime charge, lowered drug use, decrease air pollution ranges and revival of pure resources-all with such easy strategies that our ancestors Practiced in occasions previous.

Can the identical be completed for one's house? In brief, sure. A number of of the commonest adjustments which individuals have skilled when harmonizing their area with their setting: extra vitality, higher sleep, enhanced studying amongst college students, improved monetary relationships, elevated plant development, higher well being amongst animals within the space, and Extra.

Whereas anecdotal tales abound, scientific analysis has been performed in Europe finding out the connections between environmental stresses, earth energies not in a state of concord, and ADD (consideration deficit dysfunction), most cancers, and quite a few different ailments. One such examine was performed in Germany. It confirmed out of 5,000 most cancers sufferers, a correlation between publicity to adverse electromagnetic vitality traces and their affected person's most cancers in 93% of the circumstances studied. In Austria, Kathie Bachler studied three,000 college students with ADD who had adverse earth energies operating via their properties. When negated, the ADD habits was lowered in over 90% of the circumstances.

These research and plenty of extra are simply a few of the examples of the results of imbalance in our Earth's vitality techniques at this time. If we settle for the assumption of indigenous cultures, we might add to the listing of the impact of those imbalances distortions of climate patterns globally, elevated volcanic and earthquake exercise, and different "pure" disasters as effectively. Our historical adults knew that prayer, ritual and ceremony have been a necessary a part of retaining in stability the concord of humanity and Nature. This can be a custom misplaced to most of us in our trendy tradition.

At this time, our trendy cities are testaments to a world hooked on unbridled development at any value. Electromagnetic stresses, air pollution, and adverse telluric energies plague us in a fashion unprecedented in human historical past. In such circumstances, is it potential to create sacred area in our residing environments at this time?

Whereas occasions have modified, primary ideas haven’t. Sacred sound, sacred geometry, prayer, ceremony – all are nonetheless efficient strategies of elevating the vibrations of the area the place we reside, and for our planet as effectively. Our trendy occasions have created higher issues, however have additionally created completely different options to the identical age-old quest: methods to create sacred area on earth. Now is an important time to make our properties our temples – locations the place the sacred vibrations will radiate out to heal our households and communities.

Source by Christan Hummel

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