• John Plechaty 6 months ago

    Thing is: do you stop every single person after they give you money to tell them about the experiment?
    If not, then sorry but why telling the dude that's giving you food?
    I don't give money to people who beg. I probably won't give money to a girl asking for money for makeup either, but it might be slightly more possible.
    The reason I think is that begging for make-up money is unexpected and a little bold.
    Pretty sure this differs country to country, but in here there is always something you can do to get food/money for food better than begging. If you are able to work, you'll either get help with finding a job or unemployment money. If you are not able, you'll get disability money.
    There are charities giving food, clothes, getting you some paid jobs with no experience requirements etc.

    Then you find out that a beggar on a a good day makes many times more than a regular paid job.
    So no, I won't give you money if you're begging, and I don't give a damn about any story you will tell me, beggars have these well thought out, too.

    Nice experiment though.

  • Pokecrafter Champion 6 months ago

    I have officially lost all hope in humanity, save for a select few people who don't suck

  • Abby Rose 6 months ago

    I died when he threw her sign hahaha

  • SunnyShinesGaming 6 months ago

    couldnt believe this

  • ChelseeIsGoalz MSP 6 months ago

    why did the girl look a lot like Enid from The Walking Dead?

  • kabookielishes 6 months ago

    Some people are so ungrateful for what they have.

  • BLUE LONE WOLF 6 months ago

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • HyperSonic75 6 months ago

    wow I CAN NOT BELIEVE HUMANITY no one helped a helpless one but helped a hopeful  one wow

  • kallista nonya 6 months ago

    that man who through the sign is smart

  • Baileyunicorn 1234 6 months ago

    Sorry guys but that is wrong what if she was really homeless

  • IM Daddy 6 months ago

    guy: can I have your number
    her: I need make up, not a boyfriend
    guy:* walks away*
    me to me: bitch if that was me I'd rip that sign nd take all your money. now you can look ugly by your damn self

  • Alex 101 6 months ago

    some people are really mean

  • ChezzyCat Gaming 6 months ago

    I always try to help others the best they can even if its something stupid like wanting more money to buy makeup.

  • kitty kitour 6 months ago

    I don't care I see someone needs food I'd give that person a 20

  • Yo Mama Orange West 6 months ago

    now that is just sad

  • morgen rhodes 6 months ago

    She wasnt really looking the part for the homeless half.. nice hair, clean clothes, shoes, and a starbucks cup to put money in? Not to mention she's smiling

  • Ellie Freeman 6 months ago

    i know that the homeless people won!!!! yay!!!! dumb makeup getting food is better than makeup!!!!!!

  • Mega Charizard 6 months ago

    surely this is really how it works????

  • King craft6172 6 months ago

    Omg people now days

  • Valeria Escobar 6 months ago

    I just light so hard in the beginning when he said can I have your number XD

  • Zachary Lennon 6 months ago

    I would give on all my money to homeless people

  • Dude2dude14 6 months ago

    You went to a mor poor place then when u asked for makeup

  • LegendaryMika 101 6 months ago

    The guy that bought the girl food when she was pretending to need money for food was so nice I wish there was more people like that in the world

  • Mireille Rhodes 6 months ago

    I'm glad this video was made because we need to call ourselves out more for not showing a little kindness. If you're not comfortable giving money for food because you fear they'll use the money for alcohol or something, you can always by the food yourself… it's better to do that than to pass up the person completely.
    Also I applaud the last guy on the makeup segment.

  • Sarah woodruff 6 months ago

    i would give money for food

  • NymphetaminexXxGrrrl 6 months ago

    Why did they blur the face of the last man in the makeup half? He was the only decent human in the first half of the video. why hide his identity? I'm pretty sure if i saw a chick begging for makeup money i would be pretty shocked myself. I probably wouldn't believe it, but if i did i would be just as angry. Yes i like make-up and i wear makeup but it is a luxury i couldn't afford until my mid twenties, and i was already ashamed enough asking people for food i would never think to ask for something so superficial and unnecessary. I hope people don't actually do this!

  • Rc stunt teen 6 months ago


  • jordan flores 6 months ago

    They just taking free money from people for a video and when she did the make up she was is a better side of town as you can tell and the food part a not so good side of town as the guy said so this video is just taking money from people instead of them doing something like giving homeless people money

  • Sweet Maredxzon 6 months ago

    Legend: You asking for mackup while other people asking for food..
    Flipped the sign…
    get the hell out of here #itch

  • celeste hernandez 6 months ago

    Omg that last one with the makeup one damn

  • Maliyah Mcmann 6 months ago

    one time me and my mom were at mcdonalds getting food and this homeless guy said can I get money for beer and my mom said no but ill go get you food and he said no I need beer my mom and I got in our car and starting driving off he was cursing at us and chasing us

  • Hitomi Dragneel 6 months ago

    I don't get it. What has our earth come to? People are giving her money for some MAKEUP. Where as when she goes for food, legit everyone that walks past ignores like, just because they are homeless and don't have money, do their lives not matter? If their lives don't matter, than what's the point of life at all. Like, OMG. LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Just because you have money, do you matter? You have to be lucky that you have money. How would you feel if you were hungry, asking for food, and no one came up to. Put your feet, in their shoes.

  • The discomfort child aka: Katie Chisk Bliss 6 months ago

    I say homeless girl…
    In fact, Homeless needs money for important things….
    but for makeup?! WOW! WHO NEEDS MAKEUP?!?! ITS NOT EVEN IMPORTANT! its just for beauty!
    People don't even CARE about homeless! They care for there self but not others!!
    People SHOULD care! Everyone has to be fair, and together.. I care for people… lots of people!
    Including myself, tbh… but yeah. :/

  • Hayden Ramos 6 months ago

    funny how people want to get laid these days

  • Ella T (EllasLifeStyle) 6 months ago

    ik this is supposed to be good but they kinda r stealing ppls money

  • EpicPuppy 2005 6 months ago

    I would give a homeless person all my money in my wallet even though imma kid.

  • cosplay- stuck 6 months ago


  • cosplay- stuck 6 months ago

    Som People are dick

  • Little Crafty 6 months ago

    1:48 That guy is my hero

  • Josh4u2c 6 months ago

    The issue is she also changed the spot where she was AND her clothes. In a true experiment everything stays the same except for the variable of interest (make up).

    Another thing that influenced people, how they perceived you and consequently their actions is that people do not want to speak to or come near someone who "looks homeless". The ugly truth

  • yemaya james 6 months ago

    superfacial? oops

  • Sooty Sine 6 months ago

    Who in the fuck would just walk past a teenage girl who is homeless and just ignore her. That is an extremely dangerous situation for her. Imagine how many people would be out after her because they think she is an easy target. I would have bought her a frickin apartment, or given her all my money. How can anybody walk past that and live with themselves.

  • ulysses rojas 6 months ago

    That's disgusting for makeup more people payed attention we should care more and help the homeless

  • Gurkirt Singh 6 months ago

    1:36 keeping it real. and this guy 3:12

  • Mira Lindblom Roslin 6 months ago

    One thing I don't like about projects like these, is that they get money for not actually needing it…. Just pretending…I always wonder what they will do with the money they get….

  • Preston Rey 6 months ago

    What a shame how stupid you fucking humans are. We all deserve to be nuked

  • dwnthere1 6 months ago

    How strange.


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