How To Scale back Building Value By Over 50% And Nonetheless Keep Excessive High quality – Half 1 – Foundations

Building materials value has been steadily rising through the years.

5 years in the past, the common building value in Nairobi for a medium-priced constructing was KES 15,000 per sq. meter.

At present, this value has elevated by 68% to a median of KES 22,000 per sq. meter for a similar.

The pattern doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time quickly.

Due to this fact, we have to assume exterior the field to maintain prices low and nonetheless preserve the identical or oven larger high quality of building.

This may be achieved through the use of ingenious strategies of cost-cutting from the inspiration stage by to the finishes.


On common, basis prices roughly 10% of the whole value of building.

The primary works in a basis are:

1. Excavation

2. Bolstered concrete works [foundation footing and ground floor slab]

three. Masonry walling to floor flooring degree

Excavation prices may be decreased by use of equipment -Excavators. An excavator is employed at a median value of KES 6000 per hour and would take 2 to three hours to excavate the inspiration of a three bed room home.This brings the associated fee to kes 6000 x3=kes 18,000.

Excavating the identical utilizing guide labour would take a median of seven days with 10 males at a price of kes 300 every per day. This brings the associated fee to KES 300 X 10 X 7=KES 21,000.

Bolstered concrete works

This consists of concrete bolstered with twisted metal.

A cubic meter of concrete on common takes 7 baggage of cement and can value a minimal of KES eight,000.

A cubic meter of masonry stone consists of 75 stones of 300mm lengthy by 200mm broad. Every stone prices a median of KES 25. This estimates to roughly KES 25 X 75= KES 1,875.

That is roughly 75% cheaper than concrete.

The bolstered concrete basis footing may be changed with masonry walling to realize this nice saving.

Floor Flooring slab.

On common, a bolstered concrete floor flooring slab prices KES 1,200 per sq. meter.

Masonry walling laid horizontally can substitute this slab. A sq. meter of masonry walling utilizing machine minimize stones prices KES 40 X 15 Stones= kes 600. Add KES 100 for cement plaster and this brings it to KES 700 per sq. meter. This constitutes a financial savings of practically 45%.

Previous colonial homes constructed within the early 1900s in Kenya utilised these cost-cutting strategies and are nonetheless standing thus far.

A very good instance is the Officer’s Mess on the Nationwide Youth Service Bahati Farm in Nyandarua.

The inspiration footing and flooring slab is fabricated from masonry walling and it nonetheless stands thus far, practically 100 years from the day it was constructed.

With the passing of the brand new structure, we hope that such a way of basis building will probably be allowed by the Native Authority. The present Constructing Code in Kenya specifies an excessive amount of concrete/cement used therefore leading to a excessive value of basis building.


With the usage of Equipment for excavation [15% savings] and use of masonry to exchange bolstered concrete on basis footing [75% savings] and floor flooring slab [45% savings], this can tremendously save on the general basis building prices.

Francis Gichuhi

Source by Frank Gichuhi

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