Find out how to Resolve "Unable to Learn the Log File Header" Change Server Error

Microsoft Change Server is designed to write down all of the database transactions to sure log information and commit them later each time the system permits. The transactions additionally exist in system reminiscence, however get misplaced within the occasion of crash. If the Change Server undergoes surprising crash, these transaction logs function the essential restoration methodology. For that reason, the transaction lof information needs to be stored on a dependable system. The log file header accommodates data like file signature, base title, creation time, checkpoint and so forth. At instances, your Change Server signifies as it’s unable to learn this data. These are essential conditions which will compel you to revive the info from a web based backup or carry out laborious restoration on your databases. Nevertheless, it’s extremely beneficial that you simply attempt to transfer Change mailboxes on one other server or use an Change Restoration product to restore the database.

To exemplify, contemplate a state of affairs while you obtain the under error together with your Change Server database:

“Unable to learn the log file header.”

The error is logged as occasion 412 in software occasion log. The ESE error code that shows in Description part of this occasion provides detailed data of the basis trigger.


Because the error suggests, it happens when Change database engine can not learn the file header. This means that log file has a mismatching signature, has corrupted header data or is corrupt. You may deduce the precise trigger by the ESE error code the occasion exhibits:

  1. Jet_errLog fileCorrupt or error -501: The header of the log file is corrupt
  2. Jet_errBadLogSignature or error -530: The log information signature mismatch. The log file signature ensures the proper replaying of log information set and is included in every database header. The error happens once they mismatch.
  3. Jet_errDiskIO or error -1022: A disk I/O situation for requested web page in transaction log or database. Typically, -1022 error happens due to extreme database corruption. For a log file, the trigger is corruption of log file header.


It’s essential to use any of the under procedures:

  1. Test for the final on-line backup and restore
  2. In case of legitimate backup unavailability, you possibly can run eseutil /p command and later isinteg – repair command. It’s a laborious command and information loss is probably going as will delete database pages. Thus, on your manufacturing database, it is strongly recommended to make use of one other MicrosoftExchange Restoration methodology like transferring the mailboxes to different database or utilizing an Change Restoration software program.

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