How journey can encourage writing (Each fiction and non-fiction)

When suddenly placed in a new location our brains tend to do funny things. We inhale air we have never tasted, brush our fingers along foreign rock, and bath our eyes in completely new sights. Something about travel bungles our minds. It’s as if we’ve received an electric shock and our neurons have gone nutty, rearranging themselves to create new thought patterns. Travel can introduce a new perspective, one we’ve never thought of before, or provide fascinating characters that we never would have found from our couches. The farthest one has to go to collect character inspiration is the train station where hundreds of people hustle and bustle without considering the intriguing nature of a woman’s cherry painted lips or the way a man pulls his sleeve to cover his gold watch and glances over his shoulder. The appearance of a new landscape can stimulate a multitude of new imaginative worlds for your characters to explore. Travel can perhaps be described as shock therapy. Removing oneself from an everyday routine can be utterly refreshing, especially for a writer.

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