I want one for myself. Smart is the New Sexy ↩️Never has drinking water been so …

I want one for myself.😅
Smart is the New Sexy ↩️

Never has drinking water been so much fun! ^_^
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  • Era Raça 6 months ago

    They could also waste the water just for the game :p

  • Qani Bajrami 6 months ago

    i Water , 500$ 😛

  • William Gibson 6 months ago

    Good grief…..if you were in the desert dying of thirst you wouldn’t want a fancy beaker just some water!

  • Teresa Wright 6 months ago

    Yay! A shitload more fluoride unless you use bottled..

  • Heba Joseph 6 months ago

  • Tammy Blair 6 months ago

    Yes and drinking thst much water they are going to be on kidney dislysis by yhe time they are 20

  • Alcanto Le Rouge 6 months ago

    This is ridiculous, why must this thing exist in the first place? Also if you drink to much its bad for you too

  • Cally Anne 6 months ago

    Only give them water to drink… then they don’t know any different and wont find it boring!

  • Cheryl Sunglao 6 months ago

    If you are having a hard time getting your child to drink water? How are you parenting your child? Put your foot down! Kids these days need discipline! We are tooooo soft in kids now.

  • Turin Turambar 6 months ago

    since when is it boring for kids to drink water?i bet you wish it was! wtf!!! it doesn’t have to be a game to drink water regularly.this is for those people who think they will get it for their kids and the problem is solved magically. what happens is it ends up full of water and left around because the game itself becomes boring after a while and the kid still doesn’t drink water regularly….lol crap products for stupid people.go ahead and buy it for christmas.sheep…

  • Kelly Roberts Melle 6 months ago

    My son has migraines. He needs to drink more water than the average kid. This would be a great reminder for him. Why do people the need to say mean things? How hard is it to just scroll past something that is clearly not for you? Many special needs kids could also benefit from something like this.

  • Željana Šore 6 months ago

    I am 24 and I want this
    Like, right now!

  • Debbie Denny 6 months ago

    Seriously….your the parent..not the child….I do wonder what kind of idiots are raising kids..that they need to bribe them to drink water…


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