Clever and Fascinating Haier Brothers

The world well-known cartoon Haier Brothers could be very standard with children and even adults. It’s built-in with leisure, information and pursuits. Beijing Laptop Cartoons-making Firm and the Haier Group spent ten years to make this glorious cartoon. As the perfect present to current with the world future youngsters, this cartoon completed in 1995 and launched in 1996.

The principle plot of the cartoon facilities on a knowledge outdated individual and the Haier Brothers. To take care of the disasters and untie the pure miracles, the Brothers travels all over the world, from North American to South American, passing by south polar, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. Lastly, they arrive again to their born place: Pacific Ocean. The whole story is stuffed with their adventures. It mentions lots of pure marvelous sights corresponding to Mirage and Karst topography. This piece of plot is fluctuation and unconstrained by area and time. Furthermore, it comprises wealthy social sciences information, nature, historical past, geography, humanities and leisure. It’s utterly totally different from the import cartoons from American and Japan which all the time make weapon as the principle matter.

With 212-Session-Serie on this cartoon, it produces a constructive influence on children. Youngsters study lots of information after they watch this cartoon. On the similar time they entertain themselves. The lovable and intelligent haier Brothers assist the cartoon acquire a excessive Viewing ratio. Many merchandise paint the pictures of the Brothers on it. The Haier electrical home equipment are the standard instance.

Though so much new cartoons performed on TV, the recognition of Haier Brother doesn’t fade. For instance, this cartoon is repeated on TV time by time. As well as, children watch it time by time. And increasingly new kids’ products discuss with this well-known cartoon corresponding to inflatable Haier Brother Picture in theme park and different children toys.

Source by Maggie Dan

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