They’re adorable! You’re GorgeousI’m so in love with these cuties Via: Aras & A…

They’re adorable!💜 You’re Gorgeous

I’m so in love with these cuties 👶👶
Via: Aras & Arda


  • Sandhya Sahas 9 months ago

    They r so sweet may God bless them always

  • Stella Serrano 9 months ago

  • Nisar Muhammad 9 months ago

    They look very same but when they become older they look then different,n childhood twin weep fr each other if 1 cry the other start crying and when become adult they fight with each other

  • Sarah Leonard 9 months ago

    O my goodness…these two are the cutest.

  • Hoàng Ngân 9 months ago

    they look very same but one of them got a small mole, the other haven’t got :)) cuties

  • Mustafa Kandemir 9 months ago

    they are turkish baby haha bc i sow their shirt wrote there bjk its a footbal club name

  • Janet Susan Armstrong 9 months ago

    5 minute craft! Isnt that an insult to their parents lol

  • Cáit Walker 9 months ago

    Ughh no more cute babies lol. Makes me too sad. I craft to forget I can’t have any.

  • Hari Prasad 9 months ago

  • Ange Ritchie 9 months ago

    So……reproducing is a craft now is it??!!!! 5minutes????

  • AlbertLyle Balangon 9 months ago

    ilove u babies, I wish that I have also a baby like that…sooooooooooo cute!!!!

  • Anne Salliot 9 months ago

    de beaux pépères en effet .. ils on l’air bien cool et souriant 🙂 ça donnerait presque envie de remettre ça une troisième fois

  • Monique Thivichon 9 months ago

    heureusement qu’il y en a un avec un grain de beauté ….. plus facile pour reconnaitre !!!! très mignons

  • Mary Takahashi Flores 9 months ago

    :'( This literally brought tears to my eyes to imagine the day I get to experience and see the adorable faces of my own children someday. #MySantaWish


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