TIG Welding Pipe and The right way to Stroll the Cup 101

Strolling the cup is a straightforward, however very efficient technique to TIG weld. It produces a really constant weld with a really uniform look. The explanation behind that is easy. The arc size and the sample used are virtually at all times the identical. Strolling the cup eliminates most handshakes and wobbles as a result of the cup of the TIG torch is at all times leaning on the steel.

To start, you might want to perceive what sort of kit is used to TIG weld pipe within the subject and the way it impacts welding strategies. TIG welding pipe within the subject is generally finished with air cooled torches, no excessive frequency begins, and no foot pedals or controls to control the warmth! To begin the arc, you both bump begin the Tungsten, or rapidly flick your filler rod between the Tungsten and pipe to get the arc going (identical to placing a match). The second is controlling your warmth. As soon as the pipe heats up and the puddle will get fluid, you merely begin transferring quicker to maintain up with the puddle. That is about it! No fancy or costly gear, and in lots of circumstances the TIG energy provide is only a Stick welder with a TIG torch added on to it!

There are two methods to stroll the cup. The primary is wobbling the cup facet to facet like a heavy barrel being wobbled throughout a ground. The second means is to ratchet the TIG torch deal with like you’re tightening a bolt. The top consequence between each methods is nearly the identical. A really uniform and constant weld sample!

Wobbling the cup is somewhat simpler then ratcheting it! To wobble the cup merely lean the TIG torch cup on the pipe and strike an arc. After that simply wobble the cup facet to facet like a barrel and maintain transferring ahead with it. With regards to including filler wire most individuals (together with myself) merely lay the filler rod in entrance of the Tungsten and stroll proper over it.

Ratcheting the cup is somewhat tougher to do however produces a greater weld. It is because the arc size is extra constant. Ratcheting the cup is completed identical to wobbling the cup however on the similar time requires extra talent. As soon as the arc is began, begin turning the torch backwards and forwards like a ratchet tightening a bolt. The trick to getting the cup to maneuver ahead is to have a slight twitch of the wrist when reversing the movement. That you must construct a rhythm that has a constant twitch of the wrist on the finish of every flip. That’s all there’s to strolling the cup in addition to it takes loads of apply to be taught.

Source by David Zielinski

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